Played 16 times

This dude makes the sickest pop jams without ever coming completely across as a retro enthusiast.  Heartbeats is near perfect.  His name is George.  Go to his bandcamp and give him some money. 

This dudes output is incredible.  I can’t remember the last time I got so excited over new tracks like this……. Please drop that new tape for my birthday. 

Big Ups - Goes Black

and my favorite album of the right this second goes to……..

Better late than never to state that Autre Ne Veut’s Anxiety was my pick for the best album of 2013. 

Finished reading Y: The Last Man again

Every couple of years I reread the series and every time I tell myself it’s going to be different…. Then “Alas” finally comes along and I get to that one part near the end….in the snowy woods at the tree…. and every time I cry like a goddamn baby.

Saul Williams - DNA

Dug this out after a few years of neglect.  Still one of Trent Reznor’s better venures. 

Played 30 times

Wise Blood - Alarm

If only the rest of the album could stand up to the excellent opener.  

Savages  - Full KEXP set

1. City’s Full - 2. Shut Up - 3. She Will - 4. Husbands

Seriously the best  group out there right now.  Also Jesus Christ to KEXP for stepping up their video game.  This is one of the most impeccable live videos I’ve ever seen.